Izzygear was founded by a group of individuals from the creative industries who banded together to make products that would enhance interactions between parents, infants and caregivers.

As a dad and entrepreneur, Benji one day realized that taking pictures of your newborn needed to be much easier. He came up with an idea and met with Nicholas who then took that idea and assembled a team to bring it to reality. They recruited Marcel and his team at 10xBeta at New Lab to develop the product and Camilla to create the brand identity for the company and for the products.

This is when the Cogni Case was born, an iPhone case that helps parents take better pictures of their newborns. Using proven methods, the Cogni Case will capture the child’s gaze, helping that child focus on the back of the iPhone to take better pictures while at the same time stimulating their participation in the process.

The Izzygear partners all have a deep rooted desire to give back which is why the company has decided to give a portion of all future profits to Autism speaks